Talk by Lynfa Davies 12th November

12th November 2019 7.00pm

Venue :- Llyswen and Boughrood Community Hall                                                                                        Church Road, Brecon, LD3 0LJ

Lynfa from Aberystwyth BKA has recently passed her National Diploma in Beekeeping (NDB) the highest qualification in beekeeping in the UK. The talk she will be giving is :-                                                                                              Honeybee behaviour – a look at the mechanisms bees use to manage their lives            How do bees communicate with each other and how does their behaviour impact on their activity as a colony

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Asian Hornet – Need for vigilance

From the WBKA:-

The last two weeks have seen new Hornet sightings in England , the nearest to Wales being Tamworth in Staffordshire. With the forecast fine weather, the next few days will be the ideal time for the Asian Hornets to become more visible  if they are about and for us beekeepers to be most vigilant.
Our regional Bee Inspector, Frank Gellatly has suggested that now is the best time to be spending some time observing the area immediately in front of your hives where Asian Hornets are most likely to be hawking awaiting the return of fully loaded honey bees.
The other areas to be looking will be in front of the stands of ivy which are just coming in to bloom and attract all sorts of bees, hoverflies and other insects including the Asian Hornet. As most other forage is diminishing at this time of year the flowering ivy becomes a place where insects congregate. A number of sightings of Asian Hornets over the last few years have originated from around ivy growths.
If you do sight one the best way to bring it to the attention of the correct authorities is through the Asian Hornet Watch app which is easily downloaded on to your telephone. A photograph to accompany the report will give the best opportunity for it to be quickly identified. The App will also send a location. Your local Association Asian Hornet Action Team Coordinator can also help to identify the suspect insect but don’t wait, report it immediately
If you are not particularly familiar with the wonders of smart phones and apps then send an email, preferably including a photograph.
If you believe you have found an Asian Hornet nest do not try to deal with it yourself but inform the authorities who will deal with it.
John Bowles
Cadeirydd / Chair
Cymdeithas Gwenynwyr Cymru /Welsh Beekeepers’ Association

Ffôn/Tele: 01286 675833  07449021219

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Found Gallery Brecon


Alex Hirtzel  – Plant for the Bees!

Saturday 19th October 4.30pm

Join artist, gardener and  bee keeper Alex Hirtzel who was previously artist in residence at the Royal Parks in London in partnership with The National and Mall Galleries. Alex will be talking about her work with plant scientists from Bristol and Cambridge universities whose cutting edge research explores the hidden interactions between pollinating insects and flowering plants. Alex’s artistic work uses a variety of printing techniques and she applies pigments which are designed to burst into bright colours when viewed in ultraviolet light reflecting these interactions.

Forager Adele Nozedar – in Conversation with Rebecca Buck

Thursday 31st October 7pm – 8.30pm

What does climate change mean for our gardens and wildlife? ….Autumn/winter is a good time to make changes in the garden. Join Adele Nozedar, forager and author, in conversation with Rebecca Buck, climate change artist, whose work spills from her studio into her garden and the world beyond. Over the course of the past few years Rebecca has adapted her outdoor space to encompass the challenges faced by the planet.

Both of the above talks are free although we ask people to register on our website – do let the local bee keeping association know too _ I am happy to have some information about your group in the gallery over the exhibition and also been wanting to have some local honey for sale – can you suggest anyone I could contact?

Punch Maughan

Found Gallery, 1 Bulwark, Brecon, LD3 7LB
07736 062849

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WBKA Higher Module Exams

Applications to sit modules on 9 November must reach me by 30 September?  I have attached a copy of the current application form for ease of reference.

For information, the March 2020 module date is 21 March and those applications must reach me by 10 February 2020.

If prospective candidates require any further information, they should email me at

Entry Form Here :-  2019-Higher-Module-Entry-Form

Thank you

Caroline Mullinex

WBKA Exam Secretary

Modules & Higher Practical Assessments

07815 997192

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Ban import of Honey Bees to UK

Petition to ban the import of Honey Bees to the UK.

(This is a reflection of my personal opinion and not the official view of the B&RBKA) Peter Bustin

Change UK Petition

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DIY Beehive

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Apple Day


News from a Trainee Beekeeper

Any apples going to waste?

Bring them to Bronllys Apple Day and get them pressed and pasteurised for free*

After the honeybees have done such a great job of carrying pollen from tree to tree we should make the most of the bounty. Bronllys Apple Day is on the 28th of September. It’s a free event, at Royston Memorial Hall and field, and we are offering apple pressing and pasteurising to householders in the local community. There’ll be fun children and adults apple-themed activities and games, local produce stalls and an apple produce competition. Further, we have live music and dancing from 12.30 – 5.30pm and there is a performance by the Village Quire from 7.30 – 9.30pm (£10 a ticket with a drink). We have the Celtic Links dancers, the Black Mountains Bluegrass Band and folk duo, Rob & Dave.

It’s a full afternoon of entertainment with bar and BBQ, too.

Apple Day is run by sub-committee of Bronllys Community Council, BACS. If you love the community vibe and have spare time – we also need some volunteers to help out on the day. There are loads of roles and if you contact me I can let you know what I’ve got (pretty please with slices of apple on top!)

For further information, please contact Amanda Page on

* there’s a small charge for new glass bottles and lids if required. Also, small numbers of apples will be pressed together to form a shared ‘blend’

Kindest regards


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