WBKA webinars during 2020

Free webinars from WBKA can be viewed here

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BIBBA Bee Improvement and Bee Breeders Association FREE webinars

The National Bee Improvement Programme (NatBIP)

BIBBA is launching NatBIP to encourage all beekeepers to produce hardy, docile and productive bees suited to their local environment.

For over 100 years there have been significant importations of honey bees and queens into the U.K. The reasons have varied from the “Isle of Wight Disease” and hard winters, such as 1962/63, to management reasons to suit beekeepers.

There is increasing concern by beekeepers, both new and experienced, to continual importations, which is backed by scientific evidence. These concerns include, but are not limited to:-

·         Bee health. Possible introduction of pests, diseases and pathogens.

·         Unsuitability to the locality. Possibly contributing to increased colony losses.

·         Drones interbreeding with existing queens. Weakening the quality of local stock.

A series of webinars have been planned in a logical progression to explain NatBIP, experience of importations, scientific evidence, teaching beekeepers and how beekeeping associations can help improve our population of bees for the benefit of everyone.

The webinars are free and attract a large number of attendees. Recordings of recent webinars are also available for viewing. More information is available at www.bibba.com

The provisional programme of webinars for NatBIP, all Tuesdays at 7.30pm is:-

1.    22nd Sept       “The National Bee Improvement Programme – Outline”                                          Jo Widdicombe

2.    29th Sept        “More details of the National Bee Improvement Programme and Participation”     Jo Widdicombe

3.    6th Oct            “Global pandemics, bee imports and native bees”                                                  Norman Carreck

4.    13th Oct          “My 50 years experiences of imported bees affecting local stock”                          Peter Jenkins

5.    20th Oct          “Resilient Honeybees”                                                                                             Grace McCormack

6.    27th Oct          “Where we are, how we got here and how we can move on…….”                         Roger Patterson

7.    3rd Nov           “Some Fresh Ideas for Teaching and Learning”                                                      Roger Patterson

8.    10th Nov         “Bees and queens for everyone”                                                                             Roger Patterson

9.    17th Nov         “Answering Your Questions”                                                                                   All Speakers

NatBIP provides us with the first ever chance to choose to be self-sufficient with our beekeeping, reducing the need for increasing importations that many beekeepers feel are harming our own honey bees.  It is hoped that as many beekeepers, groups and associations as possible will attend these webinars. Please publicise widely, as this important programme is appropriate to beekeepers, teachers and BKA officials.

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Some latest news and updates

I do hope that you are all coping with the current COVID-19 situation.

There are some messages that the committee wish to pass on:


The B&RBKA continues to operate and we request that any members who haven’t already done so please renew your annual subscriptions by completing the membership form and paying the relevant fees on line

Make a direct payment from your account to Brecknock and Radnor Beekeepers’ Association.

CAF Bank Ltd.  Account No: 00015439     Sort Code: 40-52-40

Make sure you include your full name as a reference so that we know who has paid.

Full details can be found at this link:


(This will open in a new tab)


All events planned for the lockdown period have been postponed; the Wern Cleanup on 4th April and the Beginners’ Course will not be taking place this year.

NBU recommendation to all beekeepers:

As beekeepers, please be aware of the following guidance when looking after your honey bees. Updates to this guidance will be provided where necessary. You should keep up to date with the latest guidance issued by the Government as it is subject to regular change.

COVID-19 and Beekeeping Update

If you have any queries please contact: HoneyBeeHealth@gov.wales

Fel ceidwaid gwenyn, cofiwch ddilyn y canllawiau canlynol wrth edrych ar ?l eich gwenyn mêl. Darperir diweddariadau i’r canllawiau hyn pan fo angen. Dylech gadw at y canllawiau diweddaraf gan y Llywodraeth sy’n cael eu newid yn rheolaidd.

COVID-19 a Chadw Gwenyn

Os bydd gennych unrhyw ymholiadau cysylltwch: GwenynMelIach@llyw.cymru

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Helping bees live with Varroa

Helping bees live with Varroa (PDF Helping bees live with Varroa )

24th May 2020 – Ettington Community Centre, Warwickshire CV37 7SX
9.30am for 10am start. We aim to finish around 4.30pm

Since varroa was discovered in the UK in 1992 many approaches have been adopted to minimise the effect of the parasite and its devastating impact on our bees and the craft.

Recent discoveries recognise that some bees may be developing their own mechanisms to deal with the mite. It therefore makes sense to raise queens from colonies that are showing this trait and to replace queens in colonies that aren’t.

This event has been organised to help beekeepers understand how bees are dealing with varroa themselves so that we can reduce our reliance on chemicals and practices that may be hindering this development.

Participants will learn from experienced beekeepers who have used non-chemical
methods for varroa management. In addition, understanding the latest scientific standpoint will help us explore future options to improve and manage our bees to live with the pest.

Who is the day for?
All beekeepers will gain from attending. We aim to provide useful information for individual beekeepers from beginners to bee farmers. It will also interest BKA Officials, Teachers and Apiary Managers. There is no minimum level of beekeeping knowledge required, as the speakers will discuss their personal experiences and what they have learnt along the way.

The Programme
Presentations will be given by several speakers, including experienced beekeepers and scientists. The beekeepers come from throughout the U.K., so have kept their bees in different environmental conditions.

What it will and will not be about.
The emphasis is on beekeepers helping bees develop their own ways of living with varroa, by reducing or eliminating the continual use of chemicals that are hampering the progress of bees to survive with reduced treatment. It will be for responsible beekeepers, not those who simply abandon bees. The event will not be advocating any form of treatment. It is purely to give experiences and learning from past efforts.

Attendees can then decide their future approach to varroa management.
Only £9 per person.
Limited spaces are available so book via http://www.bibba.com/events
Refreshments will be provided on the day but please bring your own lunch.
BIBBA does not recommend or support any specific method of varroa control but it does support the aim of helping the bees to live with varroa. It is up to the individual beekeeper what methods, if any, they use. Any opinions given by any presenter are those of the presenter and not necessarily those of BIBBA.

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CBBC Show me the Honey

Did you know that beekeeping is not just an exciting hobby but it’s good for the environment too and you get to make delicious honey!
We are looking for kids aged 9-14 and their families to take part in a beekeeping competition for CBBC filming in spring and summer 2020.
If selected to take part, you’ll be given your own bees, a hive and all the necessary equipment. Our beekeeping expert will teach you and your family everything you need to know.
You can keep bees almost anywhere, even in a busy city! All you need is outside space of at least 5 square metres.
If you think you have what it takes to become a first time beekeeper then we want to hear from you.


Please ask your parent / guardian to download the application form here:
https://www.bbc.co.uk/cbbc/joinin/be-on-a-show-show-me-the-honey They can also email contact.KPL@keshet-tv.com and they will receive an
application that can be returned by email or post to:
Application Deadline: March 30th 2020
Show Me The Honey,
Keshet UK
Lincoln House Studios,
296-302 High Holborn,
Please see here for Contributor Privacy Notice: https://www.keshet-
Applicants who are contacted are not guaranteed a place on the show. Thank you and good luck!

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Bee film in Presteigne

This Interesting film Is being show in Presteigne on 13th March.
More information can be found at the BBC link below:

Honeyland still

Honeyland  (Borderlines) £5.50

Macedonia  2019  89 mins  12

It took three years to shoot the 400 hours of film from which the producers distilled this moving 89-minute exploration of an ancient way of life in rural Macedonia. Hatidze and her elderly mother are, we learn, the last remaining keepers of wild bees in Europe. They tend their remote hives and sell their wares in the city market as we grow ever closer to the rhythms of their life in a heart-stoppingly beautiful landscape. It’s a rhythm that is disturbed by the arrival next door of a rowdy and chaotic farming family with little respect for nature, who try, but fail, to work their own hives. A mesmerising winner of three prizes at this year’s Sundance Festival. (S)

    Book Tickets Here 

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AGM 2020

The Brecknock and Radnor BKA 2020 AGM will be held at Jubilee Hall, Llanelwedd on the 8th February 2:00 pm.

Documents for AGM are in the members area AGM 2020.

All main Committee positions are open for election (show of hands). If anyone would like to offer their services to committee please get in touch (preferably) before AGM.

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WBKA Education Information


2020 dates Word

General Husbandry training booking details

Hello and a happy new year to you and your members

Just a reminder that the closing date for applications to sit module exams on 21 March is 10 February.  This means that applications must reach me by this date so could I ask you to remind your members of the deadline please?

For ease of reference, I attach a copy of the module and higher practical assessment application form.  The dates and fees information on page 2 will be updated on the website shortly but, in the meantime, I attach a separate Word document with the updated information.

If any prospective candidates want further information, I will be more than happy to provide this direct and my contact details are on the attachment.

Lynfa Davies has asked me to mention the following events: –

NDB short course – Swarm Control – Swansea – 29 February – 1 March

Full details in the link below


These short courses are heavily subsidised for beekeepers in England & Wales and therefore represent excellent value.


General Husbandry preparation course – Gregynog Hall, Powys 14 & 15 March and 17 May

 There is limited space remaining on this course so anyone interested should get in touch with Lynfa to book – full details are attached.

Wishing you all a good beekeeping season in 2020 and hope to see you at one or more of the conventions.

Best wishes    Caroline

WBKA Exam Secretary

(Modules & Higher Practical Assessments)

07815 997192

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What Happens to Your Body When You Start Eating Honey Every Day

Sorry, it’s American. Pinch of salt may be needed.


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WBKA Spring Convention

WBKA Spring Convention flyer and discounted entry form :-

B&RBKA Beginners Course 2020


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