WBKA Basic Assessments

Plans to resume delivery of WBKA Basic Assessments are going ahead and, unless there are changes affecting the current easing of restrictions in Wales, we fully expect to be able to arrange the assessments over the summer months.

In the circumstances, we are extending the usual application deadline so, members who wish to take their Basic Assessment this year (and have not already submitted their application form), please do so as soon as possible, but no later than 11 June 2021. 

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Set up your first hive from a NUC week by week

Video made by Black Mountain Honey

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All members zoom Q and A session 13th April 2021

Within Brecon and Radnor Beekeeping Association we held our first all members Q and A session.

The idea behind this is to provide help and support to all members online.

In this first session I created a Powerpoint presentation with four main questions that members had emailed to me in advance with answers provided by me, Chris Cardew and David Coles.

Following these, members had added more questions to the chat box and Shane Jones, Peter Bustin and I gave our best answers.

Shane is our area bee inspector, is a commercial beekeeper with many years experience of keeping bees. As he explained in the meeting he may look through over 1000 hives in a season as inspector. Peter also has many years experience of beekeeping in a wide range of different hive types.

Please feel free to watch the video and the beekeeping topics discussed and give us feedback.

I didn’t start recording until we were a couple of minutes into it, but it doesn’t miss much.

Here is a link to the PowerPoint used in the session:

The next session will be in the first week of May 2021. I’ll send out an all group invitation later on

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Invite to VMD Webinars

The British Bee Vets Association has organised some webinars for beekeepers in May as below:

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DEFRA Healthy Bee Plan 2030 – Survey

How can training and information sources for beekeepers and bee farmers be improved? Have your say by taking a  survey.  

Defra and the Welsh Government want to ensure that beekeepers and bee farmers have access to training and information that can help them implement effective biosecurity and maintain good standards of husbandry, so as to minimise pest and disease risks and improve the sustainability of honeybee populations.  

A short questionnaire is available for current beekeeperspeople who have recently stopped keeping bees as well as bee farmers to give their views and opinions on the type, accessibility and range of training and information available and how it could be improved.  

Please use  https://eu5se.voxco.com/S2/87/healthy_bees/ to complete the survey by 21 April. To access the survey in Welsh, please click https://eu5se.voxco.com/S2/87/healthy_bees/?urlimport=1&questlist=lang&lang=cy It should take no more than 15 minutes.  

Please share this post with other beekeepers and bee farmers! 

If you experience any issues accessing or filling in the survey, please contact hbp2030_research@icf.com

Sut y gellir gwella hyfforddiant a ffynonellau gwybodaeth ar gyfer gwenynwyr a ffermwyr gwenyn? Dywedwch eich dweud trwy gwblhau harolwg.

Mae DEFRA a Llywodraeth Cymru am sicrhau bod gan wenynwyr a ffermwyr gwenyn fynediad at hyfforddiant a gwybodaeth a all eu helpu i weithredu bioddiogelwch effeithiol a chynnal safonau hwsmonaeth da, er mwyn lleihau risgiau plâu a chlefydau a gwella cynaliadwyedd poblogaethau gwenyn mêl.

Mae holiadur byr ar gael i wenynwyr presennol a phobl sydd wedi rhoi’r gorau i gadw gwenyn yn ddiweddar, yn ogystal â ffermwyr gwenyn, roi eu barn ar y math ac ystod o hyfforddiant a gwybodaeth sydd ar gael, pa mor hygyrch ydyw, a sut y gellid ei wella.

Defnyddiwch https://eu5se.voxco.com/S2/87/healthy_bees/?urlimport=1&questlist=lang&lang=cy i gwblhau’r arolwg erbyn 21/04/2021. Ni ddylai gymryd mwy na 15 munud.

Rhannwch y postiad hwn gyda gwenynwyr a ffermwyr gwenyn eraill!

Os ydych chi’n profi unrhyw broblemau wrth gyrchu neu lenwi’r arolwg, cysylltwch â hbp2030_research@icf.com

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Peter and Marion Guthrie Retiring

Peter and Marian wish to sincerely thank all the members of the Brecon and Radnor BKA who have supported our bee feed business in recent years and indeed we appreciate the fact that many of you have become friends rather than just customers.  We will continue with our bees, honey and sales of equipment and a limited amount of bee feed.   From the 1st April we will be known as  Guthrie’s Honey.

In the meantime we hope you will all have a successful season and our very best wishes to all members.

Wyefield Apiaries – Bee feed Division

It is with some regret and a little sadness that as part of trying to retire for the second time that we write to advise you that we have sold the beefeed part of our business to Mr and Mrs Jonathan and Sam Davies with effect from 1st April 2021

The good news is that Sam, whom we have known for over 40 years and who in recent years has been working part-time in the business largely helping Marian in the office and at events such as Beetradex etc. will be known to many of you. We therefore foresee in the short term something of a reversal of roles as Jonathan and Sam take over with the energy and enthusiasm necessary to promote and develop Wyefield Apiaries in continued association with Belgosuc and as their main distributor in the UK.

The new base will be in a purpose-built facility some 18miles from Ty-Gwyn, the contact details of which are as follows:

Jonathan and Sam Davies Wyefield Apiaries, Llwynpiod, Garth Llangammarch Wells, Powys LD4 4AU

Tel No :           07791 526383

Email:              sam@wyefieldapiaries.co.uk

For our part Marian and I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for your business support and friendship developed over the past 13 years.  Whilst we will be in the background for sometime longer we trust that you will continue to support Jonathan and Sam with your requests for beefeed as clients in their new enterprise and with the same loyalty that you have extended to us over these past years

Wishing you all the very best in beekeeping and Kind Regards

Peter and Marian Guthrie

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BIBBA YouTube channel

BIBBA has a YouTube channel that has the recordings of all their webinars on beekeeping.

You can access this at the following link:


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Webinars for early 2021

There are a series of webinars available to everyone who wishes to attend.

Details below:

WBKA This link takes you to the home page. Scroll down to find the webinar by Jo Wiidicombe on 12th February 2021 7.30-9.00.

There is another webinar planned for Feb 25th by Frank Gellatly (Wales’ Regional Bee Inspector)

WBKA previous webinars can be viewed here

BIBBA. There is a long list of webinars planned by BIBBA starting on 9th Feb and running until 4th May 2021 that can be viewed here

Ulster Beekeepers also has a series of webinars from 12th Jan to 18th Feb 2021 that can viewed here

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NBU Alert

Observations from beekeepers and Bee Inspectors across the UK suggest that some colonies of bees are becoming short of food.

Please monitor your colonies throughout the coming months and feed as required to ensure your bees do not starve. A standard full size British National colony needs between 20-25 kg of stores to successfully overwinter. If they need feeding at this time then fondant should be used. This should be placed above the brood nest so that the bees are able to access it easily.

For further information, please see the ‘Best Practice Guidance No. 7 – Feeding Bees Sugar’ on the following BeeBase Page: http://www.nationalbeeunit.com/index.cfm?pageid=167

It has also been observed that Varroa levels in some hives are starting to increase again. This may be due to a number of factors, but the exceptionally mild weather this autumn has encouraged some colonies to produce more brood than usual which has allowed an increase in mite reproduction.

Please monitor mite levels and treat accordingly.

For further information, please see the’ Managing Varroa’ Advisory leaflet on the following BeeBase Page: http://www.nationalbeeunit.com/index.cfm?pageid=167

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WBKA webinars during 2020

Free webinars from WBKA can be viewed here

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