REMINDER: Extraction Day!

Everyone is welcome to come along to Llanelwedd Jubilee Hall on the 19th August at 2.00pm to process the association honey from the Wern and Ty Mawr apiaries. Tea and cake always welcome!

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Honey Shows!

In case you were unable to access the hyperlinks attached to this month’s newsletter, here’s a handy guide of the up and coming honey shows for your delectation. I’ve included the links again as well as PDFs of the show schedules and entry forms.

Hundred House Show

Date: Saturday 2nd September

Location: Lower Llaneon, Franksbridge

Any other information: Entries will be single 1 lb jars in each class. Mead and Honey cake are new classes introduced this year.

Schedule:  – Pages 18 & 19 for honey & beekeeping. Page 2 for further information on location. The entry form can be found on page 15.

Hundred House Show Schedule (pdf download)

Contact: Mo – for any queries or assistance in collecting entries prior to show day.


Sennybridge Show

Date: 2nd September (Closing date for entries is Wednesday 30th August)

Location: The Show ground is located just off the A40 in Sennybridge, LD3 8PG.

Any further information: Craft stalls, Domestic and Horticultural exhibits are asked to use Entrance B to the ground. As the Horse Sections start at 9:00am all vehicle owners unloading at the Craft, Domestic and Horticulture tents are asked to ensure they have unloaded their vehicles and moved them into the Vehicle Park B before 8:55am.

Open classes and closed classes for B&RBKA members only. Challenge Cups and Awards up for grabs for that extra smattering of prestige!


Sennybridge Horticultural Show Schedule (pdf download)

Sennybridge Horticulture Show Entry Form2017  (pdf download)

Contact: Show Secretary on  01874 636478  or 07761 585549


Brecon Gardening Association Show

Date:  Sunday 17th September

Location: Brecon’s Market Hall

Any further information: Open honey classes as well as the Association’s official Honey Show with closed classes for B&RBKA members only.


Brecknock Gardening Association Schedule  (pdf download)

Brecknock gardening show entry form  (pdf download)


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Autumn Beginners Course

The course will be open to members/associate members and will run for six consecutive Wednesday evenings at 7.30-10.00 pm from September 13th at David Coles’ house: Lower Lloyney. Clyro, Hereford, HR35SG.

There will be no contact with bees, but theory and demonstration of equipment will be given. You will be invited to come along to the practicals at our teaching apiary with the spring  batch of students next April. The minimum cost will be £11 for associate membership plus £50 for the course. Please send your remittance to: Peter Bustin, Bethania Cottage, Upper Chapel, Brecon, LD39RG.

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The end of Neonics ?

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Local Shows etc

Information about some of the local shows and show schedules :-

Brecon County Show Schedule and Entry form :- (last day to enter 03/08/17)

BAS Horticulture 2017_Entry Form

BAS Horticulture Schedule 2017_Layout 1

Sennybridge information  :- 


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Transformation from Larva to Bee

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NBU Information

In some regions of the UK, colonies are starting to show symptoms of high levels of Varroa mites, for example wing deformities and perforated cappings. Therefore, it might be prudent to start monitoring colony mite populations and information on how to do this can be found on page 15 of the Managing Varroa booklet. Also, the Varroa calculator can be used to help calculate your estimated mite population in your colonies:

If your colonies have a high amount of Varroa, i.e 1000 mites after calculating it from the average drop, you may want to treat them with a registered varroacide. Suitable treatments where brood is present would include:


Apilife Var;



Mite Away Quick Strips (MAQS) and;


If you wish to use an oxalic acid based product then a broodless condition should be created first. Additionally, if you have honey for human consumption on the hives, remember that MAQs is currently the only registered product which can be used. When using any medicines it is important to remember to always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

*Mite resistance to these products have been recorded and so a resistance test (the Beltsville test) should be carried out before using the product.

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