Mead Making and Showing

A talk and demonstration by Dinah Sweet on Mead Making and Showing (some tasting I do believe) At Llandew Village Hall October 6th 2:00pm

Directions :—Google maps

Village Hall LLandew, Brecon, Powys LD3 9ST

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The Wern Autumn clean.

It’s time to put the teaching apiary, the Wern, to bed for the Winter. We had quite a few more supers full of honey this year and they were stored in the cabin prior to being taken to Peter Guthries for extraction…, the cabin is rather sticky and needs a good wash. The grass in the compound around the hives is long and needs strimming. The other sheds need a good sort.

“We” will be at the Wern on the 29th September at 1.00pm. All who can come along and help will be most welcome. If you can bring some cleaning materials, warm water etc etc. see you there……………….

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Beecraft Asian Hornet Webinar Tonight

Tonight 8.00pm

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Asian Hornet advice from WBKA

Asian Hornet (AH) – What we can do to assist most effectively?

You will have heard that there have recently been Asian Hornet sightings and a nest found near in Fowey in Cornwall. Another single adult was found near Liskeard ( approximately 10 miles away ), a drone which, hopefully, will turn out to be from the original nest in Fowey. Another in Hull, may be a single adult which has come in in a vehicle and may not indicate another nest based incursion. It is also worthy of note that this is Asian Hornet Week but I’m sure that this is only coincidence!

I have spoken to our Regional Bee Inspector , Frank Gellatly , to seek his advice , in particular about whether we should set up Asian Hornet Action Teams (AHAT) in Wales. Some indications are (not from Frank) that they are sometimes more hindrance than help but the most effective areas at detecting Asian Hornets are where the beekeepers themselves and their Associations have been made aware of what they are looking for, the difference between the European and Asian hornets and who regularly monitor their apiaries and local forage looking for “hawking” hornets. This can be supplemented by traps, type is not of particular importance, live traps where possible, but the by-catch at this time of year is likely to be mainly wasps who would probably not survive the winter anyway . Basic research indicates that the by catch is minimal and not a threat to other species.

The other areas to monitor and , where AH presence in some cases has first been noted are where there are late flowering species such as ivy or buddleia and possibly himalayan balsam. In these areas Asian Hornets may be hawking not just for nectar but also to predate on the other species of insect attracted by the nectar.

The Non Native Species Secretariat (NNSS) receive reports of many hundreds of “ sightings” most of which are not actually Asian Honest but European hornets or Queen wasps. If you have concerns that you have Asian Hornets in your Apiary/area then it is important that you are able to provide a body or a photograph. It is also important that you do not kill every hornet that you see as the APHA teams will need to be able to catch/follow live insects back to their nest. Radio location is also being trialled to help with nest location. Asian Hornet in Fowey.jpeg ¬

If you do believe you have an AH problem then it is imperative that you contact the NNSS as quickly as possible. This can be done by uploading and using the iPhone and android app “Asian Hornet Watch” on your mobile phone or by emailing

I appreciate that this guidance is short but it is intended only as an alert for beekeepers. Further information can be found on Beebase or on the Non-native Species Secretariat website. There is also an excellent fact sheet on the AH and information on other species with which it might be confused on the BBKA website. I also attach a photograph of live Asian hornets feeding on protein bait in Fowey.
Asian Hornet in Fowey

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Asian Hornet Sighting

confirmed Asian hornet sighting near Fowey in Cornwall

BeeCraft Facebook page

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The Wern 01/09/18

There will be no apiary visit to the Wern on the 1st Sept. Watch this space for further Wern visits.

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BRBKA Honey Show Llyswen August 18th 2018

The Brecon and Radnor Beekeepers Honey Show 2018 was held at the Llyswen and Boughrood Show on August 18th 2018.

The honey show continues to attract more entries year on year with 16 classes and 62 entries this year.

The winner of Best in Show was Shane Llewelyn Jones with his Heather Honey entry. Shane also won the Mary and Gwynne Morgan trophy for most points by a member of BRBKA. Many congratulations to Shane for showing of such high quality.

The honey show is the pinnacle of the year in many respects where the beekeeper can show off the work of the bees to as high a level as possible.

Classes including; honey, cut comb, shallow comb, mead, honey wine, beeswax candles, a cake of wax and a honey fruit cake

We are highly grateful to Dinah Sweet for judging the entries for us

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