Honey Identification

In November 2017 we held a workshop on Honey identification.
We had over 21 different types of honey on the day from which samples were taken and the pollen extracted.
Of these samples 3 were analysed in fine detail and the results can be see in the slideshow below.
These three samples:
1. From the Talgarth/Bronllys area
2. From the Beulah/Newbridge area
3. From Painscastle

It takes a long time to analyse one sample and I look closely at each slide and take a photo of any interesting pollen grains that I see as I look. Each sample has taken over 20 hours to prepare and then analyse.

All photos are take at 400 times actual size.

I use three references when trying to identify any pollen grain;

  1. The pollen loads of the honeybee – Dorothy Hodges
  2. Pollen Identification for Beekeepers – Rex Sawyer
  3. Pollen Microscopy – Norman Chapman

Please add any comments and let us know if you think you recognise any other of the pollen grains particularly in the third sample. Many thanks Chris Cardew

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